Punk Short Hairstyles

There are many types of punk short hairstyles that can easily be created. Punk hairstyles tend to be labeled as wild and outrageous as a punk style is a way to make a statement. There are three aspects to the hairstyle: the wild colors, funky style and startling cuts. To get a real punk hairstyle you need to understand how these parts are used in a punk hairstyle.

For punk short hairstyles you need to incorporate an unusual hair color such as fluorescent pink, green or blue. You can also only color sections of your hair or your whole head. It is possible to do color stripes, color the tips of your hair or just the bangs. The color needs to stand out so if you have very dark hair then platinum blond tips are a good choice.

The main factor when getting a punk cut is that it should not be any cut that is considered mainstream. This can usually be overcome by having unusual configurations such as long shaggy hair on top and a short buzz cut on the bottom. Asymmetrical cuts also work. It is also very typical to have words shaved into your head.

The overall style is what makes your hairstyle a punk hairstyle though the color and cut influence this style. The most well known hair is the Mohawk. The flyaway is another traditional style, think of rock stars from the 70s and 80s. Other factors to incorporate in the hairstyle include spikes, unexpected parts, loops and braids.

Generally punk hairstyles require a huge amount of styling products. This causes more hair damage so deep conditioning treatments will be necessary to keep your hair healthy. If you are experimenting before finding your punk hairstyle then you should use temporary dies that will wash out and cause less damage to your hair.

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